*Ok not a model

Straight out of Israel, Ori Amir is a neuroscientist who studied the neural basis of a sense of humor (for real yo -see articles in Forbes, Reader’s Digest, the Guardian, Miami TimesLiveScience, and Nature). He also does stand-up comedy about science, Americans, & being a creepy lovable foreigner in America (or as he likes to think of it – conducting scientific experiments on audiences). You’ve seen him on Comedy Central and CMT (assuming you watch those channels 24-7 on a split screen, without blinking, as, Ori’s been told, all Americans do). Ori’s act is very silly and very smart at the same time. He loves being a foreigner because he can really express his wacky personality and people assume it must be normal in his culture.

If you are looking for my scientific work and you are technically inclined you have probably clicked on the link already and are not reading the rest of this sentence.

You can check out some of my stand-up  videos here.

I am also writing a satirical book:  “Rig your Way to the Top! The 1st Honest Self-Help Guide for the Aspiring Elite”